Silver Bullet's Facilities
These are a few pictures of our kennel. We share our kennel with my mother
who owns Southern Charm Goldens. We are proud of our kennel and want
you to visit our kennel if possible when getting a puppy from us. We take
pride in our labs and want it to show in the care we give our dogs. We have a
new heated and cooled puppy house where puppies will stay until they leave.
Our expecting mothers are moved into their room as soon as they are bred or
when other litters are gone. They love to lay on the cool tile floor in the
summer. Their raised birthing box keeps them dry and warm in the winter.

The picture below is our wireless puppy cam. The moniter on the left is a live
video of our litters. We can keep watch on them from our house when no one
is at the kennel.  
Below is the heated and cooled puppy house. We have a large sink
where we give puppies baths at least once a week. We have a washer
and dryer to clean towels and mats we use with the puppies. It has a
couch where we spend some nights waiting on the deliveries.
Below is the outer part of the kennel, it is where the grown dogs stay.
There are dog doors on the inside part that allow the puppies and mother
dogs to go in and out. We wash twice a day to ensure a healthy
environment for our dogs. Our dogs have insulated boxes that are cool in
the summer and warm in the winter. The bottom picture is our smaller
kennel where some of our females stay when not bred.
We wanted to show  you our facilities because a lot of our
customers do not get to come and see us in person. I hope this
helps to show our commitment to providing you with a healthy
and happy new family member.